Service Level Agreement

We at RCP.NET prefer to keep our promises simple and straight forward. So we’ve tried to cut out the “legalese” and keep things as basic as possible:

Network Uptime: RCP.NET guarantees no less than 99.95% uptime per month. Outages in excess of 0.05% of the month will be credited one day for every 15 minutes of downtime.

99.95% Power Guarantee: We guarantee that power will be uninterrupted throughout the month. This is backed up by UPS power along with multiple megawatt generators. Outages in excess of 0.05% will be credited one day for every 15 minutes of power loss.

Hardware Replacement: Best efforts will be made to have the hardware replaced immediately, but is guaranteed to be completed within four hours of confirmed failure. Should the original hardware not be replaceable a secondary system will be built and provisioned within twenty four hours until proper replacement parts can be delivered. This guarantee does not cover data loss due to hardware failure. Clients are strongly encouraged to maintain regular, offsite backups.

SLA Credit Requests: The follow criteria must be met to qualify for SLA credit;

Client must send in request for credit within 72 hours of outage
Client must have account maintained in good standing at the time of request.
Client must not have had outstanding balances in excess of three business days in the last two billing cycles.
Servers disconnected for nonpayment/abuse/other at time of outage do not qualify for credit.
Credit shall not exceed 50% of billing in a thirty day cycle
Outages due to scheduled network or hardware maintenance are not eligible for SLA credit.
Outages due to client misconfiguration of software are not eligible for SLA credit.
Outages due to Force Majeure, including fire, earthquakes, riots, explosion, Sharknado, declared or undeclared Wars, terrorist acts, insurrection, extra-terrestrial invasion, injunction or other event(s) outside the control of RCP.NET and its partners are not eligible for SLA credit.